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A VERY satisfied, and well rested customer!

I’ve slept on my Rest Best 12″ premium mattress with Viscoelastic Gel for almost two years now, and I can honestly say, I still get giddy when it’s time for bed because I know I’ll get the best nights sleep ever! The best way to describe it is it cradles you with support!

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Caroline K

I love my Rest Good Adjustable Bed!!

When I purchased my Rest Good Adjustable Bed, I wanted it mainly to see if it helped with my Acid Reflux I would occasionally get at night.  It has really helped when I have a Reflux attack, I am able to angle the head up in a way that my whole esophagus is upright, not just my head is propped up with a pillow.

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Caroline K Web Review
Henry Q

The mattress is supportive and soft, just the way I like it!

I purchased a 12” Rest Best Mattress and the KD Mattress Foundation when I need a full-size bed for our condo in Pinehurst, but didn’t have a vehicle available to be able to go buy a mattress and box spring and didn’t want to pay a delivery charge. I was thrilled when the mattress and foundation were delivered to my condo and I was able to get them in the house with just another person helping me carry the boxes in.

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Henry Q Web Review