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A VERY satisfied, and well rested customer!

I’ve slept on my Rest Refreshed Memory Foam mattress for almost two years now, and I can honestly say, I still get giddy when it’s time for bed because I know I’ll get the best nights sleep ever! The best way to describe it is it cradles you with support!

Becky / High Point, NC

The mattress is supportive and soft, just the way I like it!

I purchased a Rest Refreshed Mattress and Foundation. The foundation went together just like the directions said and it was very easy, requiring no tools.I was super impressed how sturdy it was. The mattress was fun to open, once I positioned it on the foundation and slit the “compression bag”, it inflated to full size – it was very cool to watch!

Henry Q / Pinehurst, NC

The best mattress I have ever owned.

The best mattress I have yet to own has been my Rest Refreshed medium firm mattress, it had just enough firmness for a foam mattress to where you don’t sink in to the point where it’s hard to move. It arrived in a small enough package to where I could not only fit it through door ways but it was compact enough that I could easily put into a small sedan trunk. Once opened, it didn’t take too long for it to unfold itself and take form, which was interesting to watch. The mattress was easy to maneuver through the house. The first night sleeping on it I fell immediately in love with my mattress and had a great night’s sleep!!

Caroline G / Wilmington, NC
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Rest Refreshed
I am not one to leave reviews..... However this one is a must!!!! I purchased a medium firm mattress from your company and all I can say is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING..... I have struggled with back problems and pain the majority of my life from a reputed disc years ago. I can not express how my life has changed since this mattress has entered my life. I now can sleep throughout the entire night, wake up and go all say without pain. No words can express my appreciation for your product. I have since purchased 2 for my children and cannot wait for their responses.... Again, THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!?????


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