Sleep Position and Your Health

Rest Refreshed Adjustable Bed - improve your sleep position

Rest Right

Adjusting your sleep position can help prevent pain and other problems that keep you up at night. Having the optimal sleep position can help improve your health overall.


1.If you have back pain…..sleep on your back.  back pain sleep on back

This position relieves aches from arthritis or spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal column). But if a herniated disk is an issue, snooze on your stomach. This pulls the disk away from the nerve.




2.If you snore or have sleep apnea…..sleep on your side.

side sleeper


This will prevent your tongue from obstructing your airway. To avoid rolling over, sew pockets onto the front and back of your PJ top and insert tennis balls into them. Place a pillow between your knees to keep pressure off your hips and low back when you sleep on your side.





3. If you have heartburn…… sleep at a slight angle.

adjustable bedOne way to do this, put the legs at the head of your bed onto 2” blocks. Gravity will keep stomach acids from rising up into your esophagus (and causing reflux) while you snooze.  Or invest in an adjustable bed for the optimal sleep experience- this will give you endless variations of sleep positions to choose from.




Sleep is an Immune Booster

Research shows that those who sleep 8 hours or more per night are three times less likely to develop a cold compared with people who snooze for less than 7 hours. One reason why: At night your body repairs itself and regulates stress hormones that can make you more susceptible to infection. If you want to avoid the doctor’s office, try instituting a strict sleep/wake schedule that applies on weekdays and weekends. That means adjusting your routine so slumber takes priority.


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